Dr. Kerry Spackman

It's very rare that someone develops a completely new approach which genuinely helps people to significantly improve their lives. It is even rarer if that person can help you improve both your performance and your happiness at the same time. www.kerryspackman.com


Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr. Kerry Spackman has a rich history of entering a new field and coming up with award winning ideas and redefining World best practice. For example;

After analysing the current best practice in data telemetry he invented a multi-milliondollar electronic system which subsequently won the NEEDA award for the Most Significant Electronic Export

In Mathematics he won the Senior Prize for Applied Mathematics. (World top 40 University)

In automobile design he developed, with 3 times World Formula 1 Champion Sir Jackie Stewart, a revolutionary program to train professional test drivers

In Formula 1 he is widely recognised as making landmark contributions in areas ranging from simulator design to driver optimisation In Television he wrote and presented a showcase 1 hour documentary for Discovery TV, "Speed Science"

In sport he is retained by the New Zealand Government to mentally prepare elite Olympic athletes and the world famous All Black rugby team to name but a few


Given his track record across this wide range of disciplines, it is not surprising then that Dr Spackman developed something truly remarkable in his own speciality of the brain. Something that has gone on to genuinely revolutionise the lives of normal people, sports stars, business people and even drug addicts - sometimes in a single session.

This all came about when he was asked by a top Formula 1 team to help a champion driver who was struggling despite having been treated by some of the best Sports Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors available.

Dr Spackman quickly realised a new approach was needed. This approach was so successful, across such a diverse range of people, that he was soon swamped by demand. The only solution was to write his tools and techniques down in a single, easy to read book. That way the average person could have access to the same tools the World Champions had.

The end result is The Winner's Bible. It is a riveting read filled with real life examples you'll never forget. Dr Spackman shows you how to "Rewire your Brain for Permanent Change". The proof of his tools is demonstrated in the lives of the people he's changed.