TWB Services

We are currently developing The Winner's Bible Services to help people, corporations, and athletic groups to integrate and incorporate the material in The Winner's Bible.

'The Winner's Bible Services' is headed up by Sabine Tyrvainen, who's unique skill set bridges the gap between clinical, health and sport psychology. She has contributed to the success of 'The Winner's Bible' and has been Dr. Kerry Spackman's business partner every step of the way. 

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Since the launch of The Winner's Bible, Kerry has been very busy writing another book “The Ant and the Ferrari”, working with Olympic athletes and writing / producing a Hollywood movie. For that reason it has taken until now to finally provide what thousands of readers have requested over the years – COURSES with Kerry

Below you can watch some of Kerry's previous talks and presentations:

Talk given by Dr Kerry Spackman for Reason and Passion group at Auckland University July 2014 talking about moral scalewatch here.

Kerry talks at the 2013 ICOT conference about how thoughts and beliefs are more powerful than nuclear weapons and in order for them to be used for the good of society we need to consider what thoughts we are surrounding ourselves with and what impact they are having in the world - watch here

CreateYourself' Global Summit May 2014 - Watch Kerry's interview here

Would you like your staff to experience and your company to benefit from the same tools and strategies that Dr. Kerry Spackman has pioneered for Olympic Champions, the All Blacks and F1? Business Lessons from Formula One

Corporate events are suitable for a range of companies, from those that are already highly successful but feel they haven’t reached full potential, to companies that want to find new ways to success. Kerry will show your team winning strategies, tools, and creative processes of structural, organisational and cultural change. His practical methods are rooted in science and are proven to work.

We are providing courses in NZ, UK and US and if you are a corporation or sports team interested in The Winner's Bible courses or speaking commitments - please contact us for further information.

Please note that Kerry is unavailable for any private consultations.