You are not a computer

Traditional self-help books usually treat you as if you are some sort of computer that can be instantly re-programmed. They give you the impression that your life will be wonderful if you'd just run the 'correct thoughts' through your brain.

But there are three major reasons why you're not a computer and why this approach is doomed to fail:

  1. Your brain doesn't have one big centralised processor which controls everything like your PC does. Instead your brain is made up of many independent modules - or 'mini brains' - all doing their own independent things.
  2. Many of these modules don't even run on logic or words. So trying to reprogram those modules with words or 'clever phrases' is never going to work if they are causing you problems.
  3. Some of your modules are hidden deep in your unconscious and so you don't normally have access to them. This means you can't re-program them using normal Tools. You'll need the special Tools I've developed over the years to help my elite athletes.